UMAT Sample Questions – Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

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UMAT sample Questions — Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving

UMAT Sample Question 1

A bride and eight of her female friends and family are posing for a wedding photo. In the centre of the photo is the bride. Also in the photo are her two sisters, the Maid of Honour, her mother and maternal aunt, the aunt’s daughter (the bride’s cousin), a workmate, and a close friend. Laura is the Bride. Her guest’s names are Katie, Susan, Miranda, Sarah, Brittany, Jessica, Rachel and Lisa.

The following information is available about the order the women are standing in:

–        Katie was a late addition to the photo so was placed on the end

–        Laura’s older sister is standing next to her, but her younger sister is between Sarah and Susan

–        There are at least two women between the bride and her mother

–        Rachel is positioned next to Jessica, who is Brittany’s cousin

–        No mother and daughter are positioned next to each other

–        Miranda is not related to Susan

–        Katie and Lisa are sisters

–        Miranda is Laura’s younger sister, and is standing next to the Maid of Honour

–        Susan is not the Maid of Honour

–        Lisa is Laura’s mother

Which of the following MUST be FALSE about the arrangement for the photo?

A. Susan is Laura’s friend

B. Laura’s mother and Aunt are standing on opposite ends

C. Susan and Brittany are related

D. The Maid of Honour is standing next to the bride



UMAT Sample Question 2

Abe runs a 5 km track every morning. This takes him 50 minutes.

Question If the track is reduced by 1.5 km and Abe takes 20 minutes less to complete the track, what is Abe’s speed?

A 7 km/hr.

B 6.5 km/hr.

C 6 km/hr.

D 8 km/hr.



UMAT Sample Question 3

Abe runs a 5 km track every morning. This takes him 50 minutes.Betty runs much faster than Abe at 5 km in just 40 minutes but starts 45 minutes later than Abe finishes. If Abe starts running the reduced track at 8:00, what time does Betty finish the reduced track?

A 9:42.

B 9:43.

C 9:44.

D 9:30.



UMAT Sample Question 4

The presence together of carbon, water, and temperature at which water is ordinarily a liquid are essential to life on earth. Which of the following can be deduced from the passage?

Life on the moon seems impossible since the moon has no water.
Living things must be made up of elements that are known to us.
All living things on earth use carbon.
The conditions given in the statements are the only ones essential to life on earth.



UMAT Sample Question 5

Botanists studied a rainforest in Nicaragua that had been
ravaged by Hurricane Joan in 1988. They found that in the
following ten years the number of tree species had increased by
at least 200%, and up to 300%, in eight storm-affected plots.
Other plots not affected by the hurricane showed little if any
such increase.

From this information, it can be concluded that

A hurricanes play an important role in ensuring the
long-term survival of tropical rainforests.
B when the dominant trees in an area of tropical
rainforest are destroyed, other species are given a
chance to flourish.
C the overall life of a tropical rainforest is increased if
large areas are occasionally levelled to the ground.
D the productivity of a tropical rainforest will be
maximised if large areas are occasionally levelled to
the ground.

There are two questions based on this stimulus:

Delia goes bushwalking, and afterwards finds that she has
painful insect bites over most of her body. She is told that both
Esi-oil and Pine-elix are good for easing the pain of these bites.
To test whether there is any difference, she applies Esi-oil to the
bites on her left side, and Pine-elix to those on her right side. The
next day, the bites on her left side feel considerably better, while
those on her right side feel only a little better.

UMAT Sample Question 6

Which of the following is consistent with these results?

A Neither product relieves insect bite pain; Esi-oil
actually delays recovery considerably, and Pine-elix
delays recovery somewhat less.
B Neither product relieves insect bite pain; Pine-elix
actually delays recovery considerably and Esi-oil
delays recovery somewhat less.
C Both products relieve insect bite pain, Pine-elix more
so than Esi-oil.
D Pine-elix and Esi-oil are equally effective products for
relieving insect bite pain.

UMAT Sample Question 7

Which one of the following modifications would have
enabled Delia to learn most about the effectiveness of
the two products in relieving insect bite pain?

A Repeat the original applications.
B Apply the different products randomly to different
parts of her body.
C After the original applications, apply the same
products to the opposite sides of the body.
D As well as treating some bites with Esi-oil and some
with Pine-elix, leave some of the bites untreated.



Answers and Solutions to UMAT Sample Questions Section 1:

UMAT Sample Question 1

Answer: C

None of the clues preclude A, B or D from being correct. C is an incorrect statement because of the following: Brittany is cousin to Jessica, which means one of these women is the bride’s cousin, and the other her sister. Both women are therefore related to Miranda, who is known to be the bride’s younger sister. Since Susan is not related to Miranda, she also cannot be related to Brittany.

UMAT Sample Question 2

Answer: A

The track is now 3.5 km long. If it takes Abe half an hour (50 minutes – 20 minutes) to run 3.5 km, then he would take an hour to run double that distance: 7 km. Thus, Abe’s speed must now be 7 km/hour.

UMAT Sample Question 3

Answer: B

Abe takes half an hour to complete the reduced track (from previous question) so he finishes at 8:30. This means Betty starts at 9:15. The reduced track is 3.5 km and she runs 5 km in 40 minutes. 3.5 is 7/10 of 5 km so it will take her 7/10 of 40 minutes. In other words, it will take her 28 minutes. Thus, 28 minutes after 9:15 is 9:43.

UMAT Sample Question 4

Answer: A

We can eliminate option ‘B’ immediately because they are clearly not mentioned in the passage. Even though the presence of carbon is essential to life on earth, it does not mean that all living things on earth use carbon, so ‘C’ is incorrect. We are told that these conditions are essential to life on earth, but there is a possibility that it may also be the same on other planets. Therefore, option ‘A’ is the most appropriate. Note the importance of the word “seems”.

UMAT Sample Question 5

Answer: B

UMAT Sample Question 6

Answer: B

UMAT Sample Question 7

Answer: D