UMAT Sample Questions – Understanding People

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UMAT Sample Questions — Understanding People

There are three questions based on this stimulus:

Nikki flipped through the magazine on her lap as she sat cross-legged on her bed. Every other second her gaze would move to the test on her desk. The moment of truth was getting closer and closer. She tried to focus on an article in the magazine, but wasn’t surprised when it didn’t work. She once again looked at the test. She checked her watch. One more minute. She sighed and the put the magazine aside. It wasn’t like she was in the mood to read right now anyway. She got up from her bed and started pacing through the room. This was without a doubt the most nerve wrecking moment of her life. Not to mention the longest one minute ever.

When the minute was finally over, it took her another minute to get the courage to walk up to the desk. Her hands were trembling as she picked up the test. She took a deep breath before looking down. She stared at the thing for a couple of minutes. Then she grabbed the instruction manual of the test and checked it one more time. This couldn’t be true right? She was seventeen years old. This simply couldn’t be true. Easy as that.

It was true. Almost no doubt about it. The test was for 99 percent accurate. That was a lot. So..she was pregnant. Pregnant with a child. She didn’t believe it. She sat back down on the bed, not at all sure what to do now. Was she supposed to be happy? Because she really wasn’t. What was she going to do now? She sighed. Her life was a mess. All because of one night of ‘passion’ with her boyfriend. Speaking of…


“It’s me…Nikki…”

“Hey…What’s up?”

“You think you could come over?” She asked.


Nikki sighed. By the tone of his voice she could tell he was already annoyed with her, as usual. Things hadn’t been going too well between them lately.

“Yes, now.” Nikki impatiently said.

“I’m a little busy right now.”

“A little busy doing what?”

“I’m hanging out with the guys and…”

“You call that busy?” she interrupted him. “Look, Michael…we need to talk, okay? It won’t take ages. Just please come over.”

“…Fine…” Michael gave in, although it didn’t sound like he was too willing.


“Be there in fifteen minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting…”

She hung up the phone and put it down on her nightstand again. She once again walked up to her desk and picked up the test, as if she was expecting to see something different this time. As if she had been hallucinating earlier. Of course she hadn’t been hallucinating. She wasn’t that crazy. Now she had to tell Michael. He was going to freak out, she was sure of that. He was going to yell and scream and…it wasn’t going to be pretty. But it had to be done…

Extract from Struggling by Dlover; Fiction Press

UMAT sample Question 1

The relationship between Michael and Nikki can be described as

A.  Loving

B.  Deteriorating

C.  Strained

D.  Distressful


UMAT Sample Question 2

Nikki’s initial attitude towards her pregnancy is:

A.  Distress

B.  Denial

C.  Disbelief

D.  Regret


UMAT Sample Question 3

The pregnancy is likely to:

A.  cause the relationship to improve.

B.  cause further conflict between the couple

C.  cause them to break up

D.  cause Michael’s reluctant acceptance of his role as a father



There are five questions based on this stimulus.

Eileen: You said you’ll never smoke. You said you’ll never touch a friggin’ cigarette in your life!

Jimmy: Mum…

Eileen: Oh well pardon me. That must be burning pencil you’ve got in your hand

Jimmy: Look mum. I really did-

Eileen: Just save it. I’ve heard it all before. Remember? The time you got totally wasted and crashed the car into the neighbours’ garden.

Jimmy: I-

Eileen: Sometimes, I stun myself with my own stupidity. Why trust? Why trust again?! You always lie!

Jimmy: Just shut it, mum. It’s just one tiny cigarette.

Eileen: It starts off as one. It doubles. It triples. Soon, it’s a pack per day!

Jimmy: I’m 16 now! I can deal with my own decisions, good or bad.

Eileen: However old you are, I am still your mother. I can’t watch my son step into a pit, and not try to save him.

Jimmy: I don’t need you to save me.


Eileen: I know better.

Jimmy: You don’t know better! You think that’s true, but it’s not. You always try to mollycoddle me. That’s why I have to lie!


UMAT sample Question 4

Eileen is most concerned with:

A.  Jimmy’s decision to drink and smoke

B.  Jimmy’s lies and the things he hides from her.

C.  Jimmy’s desire to grow up

D.  Jimmy’s defiance of parental authority


UMAT sample Question 5:

In his first statement, Jimmy’s tone is

A.  Shamefaced

B.  Unsure

C.  Confused

D.  Hostile


UMAT sample Question 6:

Eileen can be described to be

A.  Hysterical

B.  Angry

C.  Frank

D.  Critical


UMAT Sample Question 7:

Jimmy and Eileen have

A.  A loving relationship with an occasional argument

B.  A distant relationship where neither really cares about each other

C.  An uneasy relationship where neither understands each other.

D.  A one-sided relationship where only one person cares


UMAT Sample Question 8:

Jimmy’s reaction towards his mother’s comment “I know better” can be described as

A.  Hostile

B.  Frustrated

C.  Angry

D.  Indignant



 There are TWO questions based on this stimulus:

Bob’s wife, Mary, has been in hospital recovering from a heart
attack. The doctor informs Bob that she is now well enough to
return home, although she will need to ‘take things easy for a
Bob: I’m glad she can come home now Doctor, but I’m not
sure I can look after Mary by myself. We live on our own,
you know.
Doctor: Bob, it’s natural to feel a little anxious, but the best
thing for Mary will be to be back in her own environment.

UMAT Sample Question 9:

In his response, the doctor has

A not realised that Bob is concerned.
B not really dealt with Bob’s concerns.
C responded to Bob’s concerns effectively.
D made Bob feel bad about being concerned.



UMAT Sample Question 10:

Following the doctor’s reply, Bob is likely to feel

A relieved.
B empowered.
C embarrassed.
D apprehensive.



UMAT Sample Question 11:

In the following passage, an adolescent boy talks about living
with a physical disability.
As I have been physically disabled all my life, I have managed
to cope with the purely practical problems arising with a
minimum of fuss. I felt no loss, because I had no feelings of
‘normality’ to compare with. One of my physical problems is
that I am short, about 127 centimetres tall. I was constantly
mistaken by strangers for a little kid. It’s a real pain for a
16-year-old boy to be handed a kid’s menu every time he
enters a restaurant. It is even worse when mere coherent
speech is greeted with awe.

For the writer, the main problem with his disability is

A the embarrassment of being so short.
B never knowing what it is to be ‘normal’.
C dealing with other people’s preconceptions.
D coping with the practical problems caused by his

Answers and Solutions to UMAT sample Questions — Section 2

UMAT Sample Question 1

Answer: C

This passage does not reflect a loving relationship. It clearly says that “things hadn’t been going too well between them lately.” It is not distressful either. Both Michael and Nikki do not show sufficient commitment to the relationship as to provoke such a strong emotion as distress. While “deteriorating” may be correct, it goes beyond the scope of the passage. It assumes that the relationship was loving at one point. This may not be true, considering Nikki puts ‘passion’ in quotation marks. It leaves “strained” as the best answer. There is a clear annoyance at the each other, which also supports this answer.


UMAT Sample Question 2

Answer: C

Nikki experiences a range of emotion regarding her pregnancy. However, her first reaction can be clearly seen in these lines.

“She stared at the thing for a couple of minutes. Then she grabbed the instruction manual of the test and checked it one more time. This couldn’t be true right?”

It shows clear disbelief. It is then followed by denial. It may be easy to mix the two options. Disbelief is the doubt in the truth while denial is refusing to comply with the truth.


UMAT Sample Question 3

Answer: B

Option C and D are too specific. As readers, we can predict the reactions, but their actions are beyond the scope. Hence, these two options are not the answer. This leaves option A and B. Would the relationship become better or worst? The answer is obvious. Both characters show a lack of commitment to the relationship. Michael would rather hang out with his friends. Nikki regrets the one night of ‘passion.’ At this stage, the child is unwanted. Clearly, the pregnancy will put further strain on the relationship and cause further conflict.


UMAT Sample Question 4

Answer: A

All four issues are seen within the extract. However, Eileen’s main concern is Jimmy’s decision to drink and smoke. C is an underlying issue, but not addressed properly by Eileen. She dismisses it by saying “However old you are, I am still your mother.”  D can be seen in Jimmy’s disrespectful tone, but Eileen overlooks it. She doesn’t tell him to “watch your tone” or “have some respect towards your mother.” The issue about lying is mentioned several times. However, the answer to this question can be seen in these lines.

Eileen: Sometimes, I stun myself with my own stupidity. Why trust? Why trust again?! You always lie!

Jimmy: Just shut it, mum. It’s just one tiny cigarette.

Eileen: It starts off as one. It doubles. It triples. Soon, it’s a pack per day!

If Eileen was concerned with the lying more, she would have said “Sure it’s one cigarette now, but what else will you hide from me later?”

Instead, she chooses to address her main concern, Jimmy’s decision to smoke.


UMAT Sample Question 5

Answer: A

Jimmy’s first statement is “mum…” His statement trails off. This does not reflect the clear, concise clipped tone of hostility. He is neither unsure nor confused. The passage indicates that he has previous experience in drinking. This situation has come up before. The best answer is A. He would initially experience shame, due to being caught red-handed again.


UMAT Sample Question 6

Answer: B

Eileen is angry with her son’s actions. She’s not hysterical as she eventually tries to make Jimmy see from her perspective. She is still able to control herself. “Frank” suggests a certain level of detachment from the situation, which clearly isn’t the case. Eileen has a subjective view of the situation whilst “frank” suggest an objective view. Eileen is critical, but again, “critical” gives an impression of being characterized by careful evaluation and judgment. The term is too objective.


UMAT Sample Question 7

Answer: C

Both Jimmy and Eileen care about each other. Eileen’s care can be clearly seen. Jimmy’s care is more subtle. However, it is evident in the way that Jimmy initially attempts to explain his actions to his mother. He becomes angry due to his natural defensive mechanism. Hence, B and D can be crossed out. There is no evidence in the passage that supports A. In contrast, there’s plenty of evidence that supports C. The relationship is uneasy due to the lies and the misunderstandings. Jimmy believes Eileen is too overwhelming. Eileen thinks Jimmy still needs her help. Neither really understands each other.


UMAT Sample Question 8

Answer: C

The four words have very similar meanings, but in varying strengths. A and C are strong reactions while B and D are more mild. Evidently, Jimmy has quite a strong reaction to Eileen’s comment. “Hostile” isn’t the most appropriate word because it suggests of an ill will towards his mother. This isn’t true. Therefore, the best option is C. Jimmy is angry.


UMAT Sample Question 9

Answer: B


UMAT Sample Question 10

Answer: D


UMAT Sample Question 11

Answer: C