UMAT Sample Questions – Non Verbal Reasoning

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 UMAT sample questions – Non Verbal Reasoning

UMAT Sample Question 1– Pick the Middle
UMAT sample question 1



UMAT Sample Question 2 – Pick the Middle
UMAT sample question 2



UMAT Sample Question 3 – Pick the Middle
UMAT sample question 3



UMAT Sample Question 4 – Pick the Middle
UMAT sample question 4


UMAT Sample Question 5 – Next in the Series
UMAT sample question 5

UMAT Sample Question 6











Which of the following should replace the question mark?

A. 54                     B. 45                      C.66                        D.63                     E.64



Answers and Solutions to UMAT sample Quesions:

Question 1: Answer: B

Solution: When put in the right order the pieces form a continuous line.
UMAT sample answer 1


Question 2: Answer: D


Thicker line rotates clockwise 90° each time.

Thinner line rotates clockwise 90°, 180°, 270° then 360°.
UMAT sample answer 2


Question 3: Answer:  C


Black circle moves around the corners clockwise 1 step at a time.

White circle moves around the corners clockwise 1 step, then 2, 3 and finally 4 steps
UMAT sample answer 3


Question 4: Answer: D


Circle rotates 45° anticlockwise, 135° clockwise, 225° anticlockwise then 315° clockwise.
UMAT sample answer 4


Question 5: Answer: B


The shape rotates 45° each time, therefore A is incorrect. The black square on the top in the first frame moves along to the adjacent square each turn, eliminating E. The other black square moves along two squares in one turn. Hence, B is the correct answer.

Question 6: Answer: C

The rule is: in each column, multiply the number that you get from the division of top number and bottom number by 4, you get the middle number. (ie. (27/3)*4 = 36; (36/9)*4 = 16). Therefore, the missing number must be 66 (ie. (66/11)*4 = 24)