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Are you interested in a career in Health Sciences? Looking for more information about the UMAT? Searching for a 2018 UMAT Course?

Umat.net.au is the only independent source of UMAT information (2018) and your first port of call with regards to UMAT downloads, free UMAT help and advice about the 2018 test as well as free UMAT practice questions to assist students with their UMAT preparation. We also provide access to a free UMAT diagnostic test.

The “Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test”, more commonly known as the “UMAT” is often underestimated in the role it plays in the selection process for health science courses, when it is possibly the most crucial aspect. This is why it is so important that students fully understand what is involved in the process of applying for and entering an undergraduate course in any of the fields mentioned above – most importantly the process of preparing for and sitting the UMAT.

NEW Free UMAT Diagnostic Test now available

A free UMAT practice exam is available on the UMAT Practice Questions website. This exam contains questions for all three sections of the UMAT and gives you detailed feedback about your performance.

UMAT Sample Questions 

A free set of completely solved and explained UMAT questions.

UMAT Preparation and UMAT Training

With regard to the UMAT and UMAT Preparation, on one side there is ACER which administers the UMAT test, and on the other there are organisations which offer UMAT courses to help students master the skills and techniques needed to ace the UMAT. At umat.net.au we provide an independent source of information with respect to UMAT, training and UMAT prep free of hype, myths and misinformation. Umat.net.au also provides free UMAT sample questions and UMAT downloads as well as information about the interview process.

There are numerous websites which claim to offer UMAT Preparation Courses and UMAT example questions. Most of these are scam websites. Beware of using their services: you will not receive the preparation services promised! We provide Free Sample Question Papers along with UMAT resources which includes an explanation of UMAT results. Feel free to have a look.

We provide a comparison of four preparation organisations, at least one of which is considered reasonable and reputable. UMAT Courses compared provides this valuable information.

Registration and Result Validity

ACER have recently made changes regarding the length of the validity of UMAT results. We have the most recent information regarding these changes and will help you find out if you are eligible to sit the upcoming UMAT.


There are numerous blogs on this site to aid students with their preparation, by providing them with news and updates about the UMAT such as registration information test and changes to results. Our blogs also include details about many upcoming preparation course dates and locations as well as loads of general tips and strategies which will help students ace the UMAT, not to mention the various Free Sample Questions provided.


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