UMAT Scores

UMAT Scores showing the Statement of Results will be made available to all students in late September. This will be made available online. You will get an email from ACER about the release of UMAT Scores. You then login to the ACER’s UMAT site using your UMAT ID number and your email address. You will then be able to view your UMAT Scores online.

The Statement of Results contains a score for each section of the test, and an overall score.  It also provides information on percentile ranks.

Under no circumstances will ACER release the results over the phone, by fax or by email. This is to protect candidate confidentiality.

You will receive a UMAT score for each section of the test, and an overall UMAT score.  You also will be provided with information on your overall UMAT percentile rank.  Unfortunately ACER will not be provide any additional information on the scoring process.

The universities will set their own UMAT cut-off scores each year. These will be the minimum UMAT scores acceptable for consideration by the admissions committees and may vary from one university to another. The universities may also choose to use the UMAT scores in other ways.