UMAT Preparation Organisations

UMAT Preparation Organisations


There are many organisations which claim to offer UMAT Preparation. There are broadly four types of groups which offer UMAT training:

1.  Organisations that operate scam websites. Beware of these! You will NOT receive the UMAT Preparation services promised, you wil not receive any refunds and you will have no recourse (you will not be able to complain to anyone to obtain compensation).

2.  Organisations which specialise in preparing students for Year 12 exams to enhance your ATAR, with UMAT Preparation as an “add-on”. They do not specialise in UMAT Preparation. While the quality of their coaching for Year 12 subjects may be high, the quality of their UMAT Preparation is quite poor.

3. Individuals, groups or organisations run by students. Training is offered by students who claim to have done well in the UMAT in the past. These students lack the pedagogic skills necessary to teach. They lack the teaching and necessary strategic thinking skills required to teach the complexities of UMAT. Teaching is a complex skill requiring a degree and experience. This is a mandatory requirement at all primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

4.  Only a few organisations specialise in UMAT Preparation and therefore are likely to provide a quality service. A comparison of some of these is shown here: UMAT Courses comparison.

MedEntry is the most highly regarded educational institution offering UMAT Preparation and HPAT Preparation.