UMAT Results

UMAT results are normally released around 20 September every year.

You can access your results by visiting the following link:

You will need your email address and UMAT Candidate Number to access your UMAT results.

Your UMAT Results statement will show four different numbers: Section 1 UMAT score, Section 2 UMAT score, Section 3 UMAT score, an overall UMAT score and a UMAT percentile rank.

These three Section UMAT Scores are averaged to obtain your Overall UMAT Score.

The UMAT Percentile Rank gives an indication of how your Overall UMAT result compares to other students. For example, if you obtain a Percentile Rank of 70, this means that 30% of students have performed better than you.

A UMAT Percentile of at least 85 is normally required to be offered an interview. Some universities use a combination of UMAT results and ATAR scores in determining who is offered an interview.

The UMAT results required to obtain an interview varies between universities and the exact UMAT results required are often not released.