Information released to candidates by ACER along with their UMAT results:

Q Have I passed or failed the UMAT?
A There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ for UMAT. The Universities use UMAT Scores differently and set their own UMAT cut-off scores each year. These are the minimum UMAT scores acceptable for consideration by the University, and vary from one University to another. The ACER UMAT Office will not give information regarding cut-off scores.

Q Do my UMAT Scores show the number of questions I had right?
A No. The number of questions you had right in UMAT has been scaled to obtain your UMAT Score on each Section.

Q What is the maximum possible UMAT Score?
A The maximum possible UMAT Score can differ from one Section of the test to another, and from one year to another. Most UMAT Scores are between 0 and 100.

Q Why are my UMAT scores scaled?
A UMAT tests can differ slightly in difficulty from year to year. Scores are adjusted (scaled) to take account of year-to-year differences in test difficulty. Each Section of UMAT measures a separate attribute or skill and is reported on its own scale.

Q What does the percentile rank mean?
A A percentile rank indicates how a candidate performed in relation to all other candidates who sat UMAT in the same year. Percentiles do not allow comparison between candidates who sat the test in different years.

Q How is the Overall Score calculated?
A The Overall UMAT Score is an unweighted average of the three Section scores, statistically calculated from two decimal places. It is not possible for candidates to replicate this proces.

While students get high scores in Section 1 and 3, they rarely get high scores in Section 2.