UMAT Courses Adelaide

UMAT preparation courses are run throughout Australia and New Zealand (as well as some regional cities) leading up to the UMAT. A typical UMAT course Adelaide will include: UMAT focused lectures, advice tips and strategies to ace the UMAT, a practice UMAT exam with results and feedback, one on one UMAT tuition as well as many additional resources for UMAT preparation such as trial UMAT papers, practice UMAT questions, UMAT guides and UMAT drills.

UMAT courses and lectures in Adelaide are facilitated by experienced UMAT educators with the assistance of students who aced the UMAT and will cover various techniques and skills required to answer questions in all three sections of the UMAT exam. In addition to an in depth analysis of past UMAT questions and examples from sections 1, 2 and 3, the Adelaide UMAT lectures will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions as the sessions are very interactive. The additional resources provided through UMAT courses Adelaide allow students to implement the skills they have learned and practice them in the time leading up to the UMAT exam in July.

Studying Medicine in Adelaide has become extremely competitive, particularly at an undergraduate level. Competition is fierce and the bar has been raised regarding UMAT scores and other entry requirements such as the ATAR and interview scores. This means that success in the UMAT is a MUST if students wish to study Medicine in Adelaide from an undergraduate level.

The UMAT score consists of 20% of the entry requirement for Medicine in Adelaide, there is also an interview component. While the weighting for UMAT of 20% may seem low, since it is your first hurdle, unless you receive a high UMAT score, you will not  be invited for an interview: it means you are unlikely to be offered that prized medical school place.

The interview score (worth 40%) is just as important as the UMAT score and the ATAR (worth 40%), which is why Adelaide UMAT courses will generally include some Medical Interview training strategies in their lectures and in their resources. Some UMAT courses in Adelaide even offer specific Medical Interview Training Sessions that focus solely on interview preparation, including a mock-interview and feedback specific to the university students are applying for.

The Adelaide UMAT courses are offered in central city locations – such as Adelaide University, as well as regional locations, and will generally be held on weekends or school holidays and run for two full days (9am-5pm), so that they are accessible for all students. UMAT courses Adelaide provides an example of and details regarding such UMAT courses in Adelaide.