UMAT 2013 Results

UMAT 2013 Results

UMAT Results are usually released around 20 September every year. Please click here to view your results.

The 2012 UMAT results were released on Friday 21 September 2012. The Statement of Results will contain a score for each section of the test as well as an overall score and it will also provide you with information about your percentile ranking (how you did in comparison to the rest of the students who sat the UMAT). Other than this, you will not receive any further information about the scoring process.

This score will be valid for admission into an undergraduate medicine or health science course in 2014 ONLY (for admission into a course in 2015 you will need to sit the UMAT again next year).

Universities set their own UMAT requirements each year (the minimum scores acceptable for consideration by the admissions committees). These could differ between universities.

Did you know ACER has made changes to results? Click here for more info.

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