Which School?

Which high school should you go to, if you are aspiring to study medicine?
There are several factors to consider. One of them is to look at their track record of getting students into medicine.
Some ‘prestigious’ schools are happy to sit on their laurels and are more interested in ‘political correctness’ than helping their students achieve their goals.
Some have the ideological ‘fixed mindset’ while some schools believe in ‘growth mindset’.
For example, some schools actively encourage and help students to prepare for UMAT/Interviews while some take the ‘official’ line and happy to benefit from the kudos of their students’ hard work and success. The oldest and most reputable schools may not necessarily be the best.
Which school is most likely to help your child get into medicine may change with time: it partly depends on the careers counsellor and the leadership team of the school at that time.
MedEntry can provide advice on which are the better schools if you are unsure.

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