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UMAT Books

Have you ever thought about  using books to prepare for the UMAT?


Before you go and spend your money on UMAT books there are a few things worth considering:


  • Unlike online materials which can be regularly updated, the publisher of such books is unable to amend them in keeping with the frequent changes that do occur in the UMAT.
  • There is no way of seeing other reader reviews of such publications, so how will you know what your peers think of them?
  • Is the author well versed in all facets of the UMAT and how much experience do they have?
  • How long has the author been involved in the UMAT in some way
  • You should be able to have confidence in the quality of these UMAT books in order to prepare for the UMAT. For example, are the sample questions of a similar difficulty – if they are not, then you will not be adequately prepared.
  • Whilst you will be able to physically write on the books as in the actual exam, there is a limit to how many times you can erase and reuse.


Online materials – such as those of MedEntry – have the advantage over UMAT books, in that they can be updated regularly, are written and managed by experienced staff, and are able to better replicate the UMAT.

Interested in studying Medicine?

If you are, then you need to sit the UMAT. The UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions) test is required for entry into most undergraduate medical courses and health science courses.

The UMAT is not a test of knowledge. It tests your skills in three different areas: Logical reasoning and problem solving, understanding people and non-verbal reasoning. These three areas used to be divided into three separately timed sections and completed sequentially during the exam.

However, since last year, questions from the all three areas have been mixed together to form one large exam. This change actually makes the test harder, so it is even more important now to go into the UMAT with an effective test taking strategy.

Should you prepare for the UMAT?

Would you go into your end of year exams without preparing? Entrance into some universities usually have 3 equally weighted criteria: your UMAT score, ATAR score and performance in an interview. So your UMAT score actually plays a significant role as to whether you get into medicine. 

Even though the UMAT isn’t knowledge based, you can dramatically improve your scores by learning new thought processes and familiarising yourself with the types of questions. This will also lower your nervoursness on the day, because you have already encountered UMAT-styled questions. Many other students are treating UMAT preparation as another school subject, except it has an exam earlier in the year! You’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you don’t prepare yourself.

In fact, UMAT prep is even more important now with the new changes to UMAT. Speed reading, and learning how to decode patterns quickly are essential to doing well in the UMAT.

What is the UMAT?

Considering a career in medicine?

Then you need to know about the UMAT.

UMAT stands for Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test.

It is a three hour exam administered by ACER (The Australian Council for Educational Research), and it tests your ability in three areas:

*logical reasoning & problem solving

*understanding people, and

*non-verbal reasoning

Most Australian and New Zealand Universities use your UMAT score, together with your high school results and your performance at an interview, in their selection of students for medicine, dentistry and health science courses.

There is help available to students who want to get the best possible results in the UMAT. Online courses such as those offered by MedEntry can greatly assist your preparation for the UMAT.

Registrations for the July 2013 UMAT test are already open, so you had better get your skates on!

Get ahead with your UMAT prep

Today the most efficient UMAT preparation companies are opting to provide students with online resources rather than the traditional, hard-copy materials. Preparation for the UMAT exam no-longer needs to be in a classroom because advances in technology make it possible for students to learn almost anywhere.

Now that distance learning is possible through smartphones, tablet computers and laptops, the time taken to master skills for UMAT can be significantly decreased and more time can be spent applying these skills to practice questions.

Online materials have been proven to be far superior to hard copy materials, which is why the best UMAT Preparation organisations are providing them. Through online learning students are able to easily interact with other student via forums, blogs, e-mail and chat. Products can be accessed immediately with thousands of pages of information being provided to students. This simply would not be possible without significant price rises if materials had to be distributed in hard copy to each student. Exams taken online can be marked instantly and students are able to receive instant and detailed feedback on their performance allowing students to compare their performance with their previous results. The online materials can be instantly updated if there are any important changes and students can have 24 hour support.

Cast aside traditional learning methods and get ahead today with revolutionary, 21st century UMAT preparation!


Best UMAT Courses

As a customer, it is difficult to choose which UMAT course provider is best, especially when outlandish claims are made through slick and deceptive marketing strategies. As in most cases, ‘Word-of-mouth’ recommendation is the best. You can ask around for the impressions of students who have attended a UMAT course to help you decide which is best.

When choosing which UMAT course provider is best, it is important to consider the quality of materials you will be purchasing. You want to ensure that the questions or papers you buy best simulate the actual UMAT in question style and difficulty. Some providers claim to have the best UMAT materials and resources, however they are really sub-standard. An example of a trusted UMAT educational institution with some of the best UMAT preparation materials, resources and test specialists can be found on our UMAT Courses Comparison page.

The best UMAT courses take into account students from all areas. Courses are run in all capital cities of Australia (all states/territories), as well as New Zealand so that all students can access the best preparation for the UMAT. There are also distance education packages for those who are unable to attend the 2 day courses, but still want to prepare for the UMAT using the best resources available.

UMAT Tutors

MedEntry is the only UMAT preparation institution with an extensive and unparalleled bank of questions, resources and course techniques developed for UMAT over a period of over thirty years. We have over 10,000 questions, over 1,000 pages of preparation materials, thousands of forum discussions on UMAT course and more accessible via our easy to use Learning Management System (included in all of our packages).
In addition to our comprehensive on-line resources and 2 day courses, we also offer five sessions (1 hour each) of personalised, one-on-one UMAT coaching sessions with MedEntry tutors. Some of our tutors are past MedEntry students, and all are experienced tutors who performed exceptionally well in UMAT, interviews and at school. Personal tutoring allows you to build on your individual strengths and thoroughly work on your weaknesses. Our one-on-one tutors are available in most capital cities.

UMAT Courses Mount Gambier

UMAT preparation courses are run throughout Australia and New Zealand (as well as some regional cities) leading up to the UMAT. A typical Mount Gambier UMAT Course will include: UMAT focused lectures, advice tips and strategies to ace the UMAT, a practice UMAT exam with results and feedback, one on one UMAT tuition as well as many additional resources for UMAT preparation such as trial UMAT papers, practice UMAT questions, UMAT guides and UMAT drills accessible for students in not only Mount Gambier, but throughout South Australia.

Studying Medicine in South Australia has become extremely competitive, particularly at an undergraduate level. Competition for entry into undergraduate Medicine courses is fierce which makes the UMAT score extremely important in addition to the other entry requirements such as the ATAR and interview scores. This means that success in the UMAT is a MUST if students wish to study at highly ranked institutions in South Australia.

The Rural Doctor’s Agency (RDWA) has commissioned MedEntry to provide three one-day UMAT preparation workshops, one of which is in Mount Gambier. Mount Gambier UMAT courses and lectures are facilitated by experienced UMAT educators with the assistance of students who aced the UMAT and will cover various techniques and skills required to answer questions in all three sections of the UMAT exam. In addition to an in depth analysis of past UMAT questions and examples from sections 1, 2 and 3, the  UMAT lectures in Mount Gambier will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions as the sessions are very interactive. The additional resources provided through the Mount Gambier UMAT courses allow students to implement the skills they have learned and practice them in the time leading up to the UMAT exam in July.

Places in the Mount Gambier UMAT course are available for:

  • South Australian rural origin high school students who are completing Year 12 in 2013
  • South Australian rural origin applicants eligible to apply for medicine in the 2014 university intake (eg. through tertiary transfer, students who have taken a gap year, etc)

There is no cost for the Mount Gambier UMAT Course as it is funded by the RDWA. The workshop is on Saturday 15 June 2013 – City Institute Building, Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier. The Mount Gambier UMAT Course will run from 8:45am-5:00pm. UMAT Courses Mount Gambier provides details regarding such UMAT courses in the Mount Gambier area. You can also visit the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency website for more information.

Which UMAT prep course?

As a customer it is very difficult to choose between the various UMAT prep course providers. It is even more difficult to do so when you are bombarded with hype, myths and misinformation through slick and deceptive marketing strategies.

You are only going to be able to improve your UMAT results if you prepare using questions that simulate the real UMAT. Students are too often mislead by purchasing practice tests and questions that show little, if any resemblance to the UMAT itself. An example of this is UMAT prep courses that include LSAT questions. The UMAT does not have questions like those in the LSAT and therefore students are wasting their money by purchasing these questions and practice papers. Do not choose your UMAT prep course based on free sample questions. Generally, poor UMAT prep courses will provide a few good quality free sample questions to draw students in, but the quality of rest of their preparation resources and materials is sub-par.

Remember that anyone can publish information on internet websites, blogs and forums. UMAT prep course providers will manipulate their websites and the information they upload in order to make their courses seem more popular and rank higher amongst search results. Be cautious and only trust information from genuine websites and learning forums.

Beware of organisations which mislead by claiming that they are Registered Training Organisations. There is the only one Registered Training Organisation offering UMAT prep and is the only one whose course which is nationally accredited by the government (MedEntry UMAT Preparation).

As in most cases, word of mouth referrals are best. By asking around and speaking to students who have completed UMAT courses you will be able to gauge whether or not the course they did and the preparation materials and resources they received were worthwhile or a waste of money.

UMAT courses comparison provides an objective comparison of fifty training attributes of four UMAT course providers. This is based on surveys of current medical students and practising doctors in Australia/New Zealand who have undergone these courses, teachers, and various UMAT forums.

What is the best UMAT prep course?

As a customer it is very difficult to choose between the various UMAT preparation course providers. It is even more difficult to do so when the prep courses bombard you with hype, myths and misinformation through slick and deceptive marketing strategies.

As in most cases, word-of-mouth referrals are best when choosing a UMAT prep course. By asking around and speaking to students who have completed UMAT courses you will be able to gauge whether or not the course they did and the preparation materials and resources they received were worthwhile or a waste of money.

The best UMAT preparation organisations will display the number of word-of-mouth referrals they receive on their website. If not, it may be beneficial to ask so that you are aware of the course’s reputation amongst their current and past students.

Click here to see a comparison between 4 different UMAT course providers.

10 Tips for UMAT Success!

1. PREPARE! If you wanted to do well in a test, you wouldn’t walk in unprepared. The UMAT is no different, despite what ACER may say. Make sure you prepare appropriately for the test by exposing yourself to UMAT style questions that you are likely to receive on the day so that you can hone you logical reasoning and and problem solving skills as they are essential to scoring high on the UMAT.

2. UMAT Prep Courses – beware of the scams! There are many websites that claim to be UMAT prep organisations when they are actually scam websites. If you avoid these websites and go with a good quality UMAT preparation organisation, you are sure to get the quality preparation that you pay for so that you can practice your UMAT skills, gage your strengths and weaknesses and improve your ability to respond efficiently to questions in a timely manner.

3. Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute! The skills required to succeed in the UMAT cannot be learnt the night before. Make sure you don’t leave all your practice exams and questions to the last minute. If you practice consistently over a longer period of time the skills will consolidate and you will have time to improve in all areas as well as focusing on your weaknesses. If you are cramming the night before you will not be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and will most likely be wasting a whole heap of good value practice exams because you were ‘saving them for later’.

4. Speed Reading! It would be beneficial take a speed reading course as part of your UMAT preparation, particularly for sections 1 and 2. The whole of section 2 is based around comprehending large chunks of text, and in section 1 there are many questions which also involve reading a large text. You want to waste as little time as possible reading but you do not want to rush through it as you will not understand very much and you may have to go back over what you have already read. A speed reading course will help you increase your reading speed and your ability to understand and pick out the key ideas in the text whilst speed reading.

5. Be organised! Depending on the time you are allocated you may need to get up really early on the day of the UMAT and if not it is still important to be organised. Have all of the things you need (ie. pencils, admission ticket, correct identification, transportation) organised the night before (or earlier) so that you do not have to stress of worry about them on the morning. You don’t want to be printing out your ticket or searching for the correct pencils right before your exam. You want to be calm and collected going into the exam, not stressed and flustered.

6. Arrive Early! Make sure you organise to get to your designated UMAT testing centre by the designated reporting time on your admission ticket. Allow for any transportation mishaps (like missing your train or being stuck in traffic). Also, you may want to take a snack while you are lining up to go in. The lines are really long and you can’t take any food or drink other than bottled water into the test. If if the test has started and you are late you will not be allowed in (the UMAT begins once all of the pre-testing procedures – checking of Admission Tickets and identification have been completed).

7. Time management is key! One of the most daunting factors of the UMAT for candidates is the sheer amount of work that needs to be done in a short amount of time. This is where the preparation comes in. If you have practiced UMAT style questions you are likely to be faster and more efficient at answering the questions. If you feel you are spending too much time on a question, take an educated guess and move on so that you have time to come back to it at the end (do not leave it blank, because if you run out of time, you cannot go back and you will be left with an unanswered question).

8. Utilise your nervous energy! On the day of the UMAT it is healthy to be a little bit nervous. Psychological studies have shown that people perform poorly when they are not aroused or when they are too aroused. If you are extremely stressed you are likely to become easily confused and misinterpret questions. Without any anxiety you will not perform as actively as you would with slight arousal. If you have a little bit of nervous energy and you are able to harness it, your performance will be heightened and it will allow you too perform at your best level.

9. Have confidence in your abilities! If you go into the test with a negative mindset, expecting to perform poorly, this will be the case. You should go into the UMAT confident in all of your preparation with a ‘can do’ attitude in order to make the most of the UMAT and score as high as possible! A positive mindset may be a small factor, but it does contribute significantly to a person’s performance in any test.

10. Don’t try and think like the test writer! Be careful if you are trying to think like the test writer or assuming they are trying to trick you (even if they are). You could waste valuable time channelling the writer when you could be using that time to use the methods and logic you learnt and prepared in order to answer the question correctly. Beware of the endless “what do they think I will think?” cycle. You may end up completely confusing yourself and will gain no ground on selecting the right answer.