UMAT Diagnostic test

Do you want to see if you have what it takes to get into Medical School and become a doctor? Try a free UMAT diagnostic test. This diagnostic test is a timed, online practice UMAT exam with practice questions for all three sections. Spare about 90 minutes of you time to see if you have the mind of a future physician.

The free UMAT test will not only provide you with you raw scores for each section, but also your percentile ranking for each section, that is, your ranking against other students/parents/teachers who have sat the same test. When it comes to the UMAT, your raw score means nothing, whether or not you are offered an interview or a place in a Med School depends on how well you rank against the rest of the cohort.

A diagnostic test is a perfect way to kick off your UMAT preparation giving you a glimpse of some of the types of questions that you will be facing on the UMAT as well as some helpful advice for maximizing the effectiveness of your preparation for the actual UMAT test next July.

The free UMAT diagnostic test can be found here.