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Lowering UMAT exam anxiety

Lowering your UMAT exam anxiety

Let’s face it. From here on in, we will be surrounded by exams, the UMAT, end of year 12 exams, not to mention all the University exams looming not so far into the future. So with all these exams, it is important to develop techniques to reduce and deal with UMAT anxiety. Below are some helpful techniques to help you deal with anxiety in the lead up to the UMAT.

Set up a UMAT study group

Studying with others is an effective way of lowering UMAT anxiety. However, the people you choose to be in your study group influence how effectively the study group will function. Be wary of choosing your friends to be part of your UMAT study group as you may get easily distracted and lose sight of your purpose. Instead, choose people with similar goals and aspirations as you.

Plan a revision schedule for school and UMAT

Make sure you include all your extra-curricular activities such as work commitments. You also need to allocate time for re-revision and going over any areas of the UMAT exam that you are unsure of. The key part of making a revision schedule work is ensuring that the goals you hope to achieve are manageable and realistic.

Planning a UMAT study sessions with breaks

Set a goal for each UMAT study session. Breaking down revision into more manageable goals makes revising less overwhelming. Most people can only concentrate for 20 minutes. Once you fail to absorb any more information, it’s time for a break. Short frequent study periods with breaks helps retention and recall.

Also, half hour time slots are useful for quick revision. If it takes a half hour train trip to get to school in the morning, why not try to work through some UMAT questions you have been having difficulty with or memorising techniques that will be useful for answering certain types of UMAT questions.

Find out the exam details

This will make you feel more comfortable before actually sitting down to do the UMAT. If you learn the details before hand, you won’t be thrown on the day.

Find out what to do if you get stuck on a UMAT question.

If you get stuck on a question during the UMAT, your anxiety level will rise. Fortunately, the UMAT consists of multiple choice questions. If you get stuck, choose an answer, mark the question and move on. If you have time at the end, go back and try to work through the question again. If you run out of time, at least you have a 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chance of getting the right answer. Don’t let being unsure throw you, the answer is there, you just have to deduce which one it is.


Interested in studying Medicine?

If you are, then you need to sit the UMAT. The UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions) test is required for entry into most undergraduate medical courses and health science courses.

The UMAT is not a test of knowledge. It tests your skills in three different areas: Logical reasoning and problem solving, understanding people and non-verbal reasoning. These three areas used to be divided into three separately timed sections and completed sequentially during the exam.

However, since last year, questions from the all three areas have been mixed together to form one large exam. This change actually makes the test harder, so it is even more important now to go into the UMAT with an effective test taking strategy.

Should you prepare for the UMAT?

Would you go into your end of year exams without preparing? Entrance into some universities usually have 3 equally weighted criteria: your UMAT score, ATAR score and performance in an interview. So your UMAT score actually plays a significant role as to whether you get into medicine. 

Even though the UMAT isn’t knowledge based, you can dramatically improve your scores by learning new thought processes and familiarising yourself with the types of questions. This will also lower your nervoursness on the day, because you have already encountered UMAT-styled questions. Many other students are treating UMAT preparation as another school subject, except it has an exam earlier in the year! You’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you don’t prepare yourself.

In fact, UMAT prep is even more important now with the new changes to UMAT. Speed reading, and learning how to decode patterns quickly are essential to doing well in the UMAT.

Medical Interview Training Melbourne

The UMAT and the ATAR scores are not the only selection criteria for undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Courses. Many courses around Australia also involve an interview component as part of their selection process. Depending on the institution, interviews could take the form of a traditional panel interview, an oral assessment or as a Multistation/Multiple Mini Interview. UMAT Interview provides a list of all of the universities in Australia and New Zealand that offer undergraduate Medicine, and the type of interview structure they use for selection.

It is just as important to prepare for the interview as it is to prepare for the UMAT and your final year exams. Medical Interview Training Melbourne assists students in anticipating the types of questions/scenarios they will be exposed to in an interview, practice their responses and also take part in a mock interview. The sessions are conducted in small groups of between ten to twenty students, allowing personalised feedback and interaction to occur. An expert will facilitate the session and provide feedback on everything from interview technique to the intricacies of students’ answers. Medical Interview Training Sessions are extremely valuable as most students exhibit anxiety in anticipation of challenging questions that may arise and  have difficulty formulating logical, cohesive, polished answers in an interview situation or within the allotted preparation time prior to the start of each station (during an MMI). Some quality UMAT preparation organisations will include Medical Interview Training as part of their packages or services.

Medical Interview Training Melbourne provides an example of and details regarding such Medical Interview Training Sessions in Melbourne.

UMAT Preparation Organisations

UMAT Preparation Organisations


There are many organisations which claim to offer UMAT Preparation. There are broadly four types of groups which offer UMAT training:

1.  Organisations that operate scam websites. Beware of these! You will NOT receive the UMAT Preparation services promised, you wil not receive any refunds and you will have no recourse (you will not be able to complain to anyone to obtain compensation).

2.  Organisations which specialise in preparing students for Year 12 exams to enhance your ATAR, with UMAT Preparation as an “add-on”. They do not specialise in UMAT Preparation. While the quality of their coaching for Year 12 subjects may be high, the quality of their UMAT Preparation is quite poor.

3. Individuals, groups or organisations run by students. Training is offered by students who claim to have done well in the UMAT in the past. These students lack the pedagogic skills necessary to teach. They lack the teaching and necessary strategic thinking skills required to teach the complexities of UMAT. Teaching is a complex skill requiring a degree and experience. This is a mandatory requirement at all primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

4.  Only a few organisations specialise in UMAT Preparation and therefore are likely to provide a quality service. A comparison of some of these is shown here: UMAT Courses comparison.

MedEntry is the most highly regarded educational institution offering UMAT Preparation and HPAT Preparation.