UMAT Tuition

UMAT Tuition

There are many organisations which claim to offer UMAT Tuition. There are broadly three types of such UMAT Coaching organisations:

1.  Many UMAT Tuition organisations operate scam websites. Beware of these! You will NOT receive the UMAT Tuition services promised; you wil not receive any refunds and you will have no recourse (you will not be able to complain to anyone to obtain compensation). These often do not provide any physical address or landline phone numbers.

2.  There are also some organisations which specialise in offering UMAT Tuition for Year 12 subjects to enhance your ATAR and have UMAT Tuition as an “add-on”. They do not specialise in UMAT Tuition. While the quality of their coaching for Year 12 subjects may be good, the quality of their UMAT Tuition is quite poor.

3.  Only a few organisations specialise in UMAT Preparation and therefore are likely to provide a quality service. A comparison of some of these is shown here: UMAT Courses comparison.

4.  Click here to read some of the reviews given one such organisation by students who have enrolled in their tuitions.